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    Our Approach

    IPS Search works on a retained basis so that each search receives the focus and attention of an in-depth strategic engagement. Only by understanding both the immediate and long-term demands of the position coupled with a keen sense of the client's current management team and culture can success be assured. Our clients appreciate the dedication we bring to our work and the knowledge of the industry and of their individual company that informs and refines our focus as we go out to the market to find the best candidates in the industry.

    Each search begins with a critical analysis of the client's requirements that drive the need for the executive – the strategic goals of the client, specific leadership role, competencies to meet goals, cultural fit. What is the immediate need? What are the longer term needs? Should the successful candidate fit the company's culture or does the client seek an agent of change? Are the competencies and technical requirements reasonable and reflective of the market? Are compensation and benefits sufficient to attract the best talent? Only by gathering detailed information about each client and opportunity and framing that information with an understanding of the industry and the talent marketplace can we begin to craft a tailored and focused search strategy.

    With the search strategy in place, we do a thorough sourcing of the talent market and screen prospective candidates against the backdrop of the search strategy. When candidates are identified, we conduct in-depth interviews that assess background, technical knowledge, competencies, and cultural fit. When likely qualified candidates have passed our scrutiny, we share those candidates with our clients along with our assessment and recommendation for client review. We aid and assist in client reviews and interviews as needed and facilitate the client's final decision, offer structure, and candidate negotiations. Once a successful candidate has accepted the position we are available to help with any last-minute issues and on-boarding concerns. Our success is judged by the satisfaction of both the client and the candidate and our work is not complete until the position is filled.

    Our search process includes periodic reports both verbal and written so that our clients are fully informed of our progress at each step in the process. Some clients prefer frequent reporting; others prefer reports when agreed-upon milestones are reached. In each instance we tailor our reporting to meet the client's needs and demands. Our fundamental view of our work and our role is as a strategic partner with our client to help to assure their long-term viability by providing the executive leadership necessary for success.

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    Candidate Services

    Within each of our specialist areas, we offer you a totally confidential recruitment service and our expert consultants provide free and impartial advice and assistance on finding a new position, whether you are at the early stages of your career or at a more experienced level looking to accelerate your professional ambitions.

    We work on a personal 1:1 basis with both our clients and candidates, with regular phone calls, full disclosure and agreement, feedback and meetings to discuss and fulfil individual needs and preferences.

    Discretion and confidentiality throughout the recruitment process is essential and we are always on hand to provide tips and advice to give you the best chance of landing your dream job.

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    Our Divisions

    IPS Search is a part of IPS Group Limited.

    IPS Group is formed of a number of globally established divisions that cover areas including General Insurance, Legal, Finance, Executive Search and everything in between, both permanent, temporary and contract.


    Global specialists in recruiting for permanent, temporary and contract roles for all business functions within the General Insurance and Financial Services industries

    IPS Finance

    A specialist accountancy recruitment business established since 1980

    Anakin Seal Legal

    A leading legal recruiter specialising in legal jobs in Manchester, Leeds, London and Birmingham.

    IPS Asia

    Leading Asia specialists in recruiting for all business functions within the General Insurance and Financial Services industries